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Wax & Relax – Harlow. Greenway Business Centre  – CM19 5QE.
With over 30 years experience in the Beauty industry.
We specialise in Lycon™ Waxing (Lycotec) Hot Wax & Warm Wax, Dermalogica® Skincare, Lash Perfect individual lash extensions, CND Shellac & OPI Manicure, Pedicure & Massage.




To our amazing clients –


Just wanted to start this LONG post with a huge thank you!! Thank you for your patients in waiting for us to open, thank you for checking in with us, thank you for putting up with my sporadic and sometimes useless social media posts! (please bare with me and hang in until the end, lots of important information to follow)

We have used this time away from the salon to prepare to open as safely as we possibly can, we have put in measures that we don’t necessarily like, but that will keep us and our clients as safe as humanly possible! 


We ask that you are honest with us with regards to your health, as we will be with our own, if you or anyone you have had contact with in the previous 14 days has ANY Covid19 symptoms we ask that you call/text to rearrange your appointment.


💚 Reception/waiting areas are unavailable, so please wait in your car until we call or text letting you know we are ready (please make sure we have your up to date mobile number at the time of booking) and arrive promptly to your appointment time


💚 All appointments must be attended alone, no children, friends or family, unless you require a carer to assist you


💚 The building has also implemented some changes, the usual entrance is available to use as always, hand sanitiser required on entry, the EXIT will be via the fire exit at the other end of the building (don’t worry I’ll show you where to go) IF you have any mobility issues, the lift is available as always, as is the usual doors for exit


💚 Facecoverings will be required to be worn in the salon at all times, excluding During lip/chin/nasal waxing, facials or back massage or if you have a medical condition that means you cannot use one. 

We will have non medical face masks available in the salon for £1 each if you do not have access to your own.


💚 We will not be offering face treatments at this time.


💚 Please wash your hands with soap and water (for at least 20 seconds) before entering the salon and use the automated hand sanitiser pump that will be available for all clients to use upon entering the salon, we may also check your temperature on arrival


💚 We have a small sink available within the salon for us to use before and after every client, which will be available for you to use if for whatever reason you cannot access the public bathroom, we will also be wearing gloves for every treatment


💚 Sneeze guards have been fitted on reception desk and nail bar


💚 UVC steriliser (kills 99% of  germs, bacteria and virus in the air and on surfaces in a 12 minute cycle) will be used regularly throughout the day, alongside our brand new True HEPA filter which will be running constantly whilst the salon as open


💚  We may look a little different, we will be wearing medical grade scrubs to work, PVC fronted aprons, medical grade face masks, face visors for when we work on/near the face and (please don’t laugh) CROCS all of which will only be worn in the salon, washed daily and sanitised between clients and as always, gloves!


💚 All open cupboards, units & shelves have custom fitted vinyl covers


💚 Nail files, tinting brushes, sponges etc will be used for ONE person, where we can we will sanitise, individually bag and label with clients name and store for next time you come in, if we cannot adequately sanitise, we will dispose of them, however, we are trying to be conscious of the huge plastic problem this situation is going to create, and will minimise our impact as and where we can safely do so


💚 We will be accepting cash,  we will provide a small plastic envelope for which we would like you to put the cash into, it will then be stored for a minimum 7 days before we open and deposit into bank, change will be handed back in the same manor (please use sanitiser after handling cash) Contactless, card and prepayment are also available, whichever way you prefer to pay, card terminal will be sanitised after every use


💚 All metal utensils, tweezers, nail clippers, scissors etc will be immediately placed in barbicide solution after use/during treatment and placed on a 30 minute cycle in the UVC sterilising cabinet or the autoclave at the end of the day, we have multiples of everything, only sterile utensils will be used on each client, As always!


💚 Waxing – our usual high standards of waxing practice will continue as it always has done, we will however be adding in a few additional steps as well, all disposables will be stored away from waxing trolly and set our prior to your arrival, anything which has been uncovered during your treatment will be sterilised before storing even if it hasn’t been touched. We will also be replacing Rolled and Lap towels with couch roll, wipeable supports for your legs and wipeable pillow for your head.


💚 All of our Shellac/Gel polishes are now stored in the retail cupboard, colour selection will be done through the glass or with us handling the Bottles only, again, everything will be sterilised before being returned to store, all equipment is stored under a vinyl cover when not in use, and will be set up freshly prior to your arrival


💚 Pedicure bowl has plastic liner for disposal after each client, and everything will be sanitised between clients


💚 We will be providing a plastic tub with a lid for ALL of your belongings, please do not Put bags, phones, purses or coats on any surface within the salon


💚 We can not provide price lists or appointment cards at this point in time, as always full price list is available on our website and we can text with your appointment details if required


💚 We are also unable to provide drinking water at this point, so ask that you bring a bottle with you if required, the air conditioning is unfortunately not allowed so it may be warmer than usual in the salon


You have made it to the end!!  

Any questions or clarifications needed please feel free to call or message! 

Hope to see you very soon


Charlie & Heather x



Wax & Relax – Harlow

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Our Products

At Wax & Relax we strive for excellence; not only in our treatments but in the products that we use.
This is why we have chosen to use some of the best products that the industry produces, so that we can give our clients the best possible experience.

Lycon Waxing

We use Lycon Wax because it is one of the best waxes for removing hair as short as 1mm, delicate enough for intimate waxing and contains only the best ingredients.


A superior gel polish for a perfect finish lasting up to two weeks for your manicure or pedicure.


The number one choice of skin care, only available from qualified professionals trained at The International Dermal Institute. Cruelty free products that help improve skin health.


For traditional manicure and pedicure using the highest quality nail polish in a wide range of colours.

Lash Perfect

We specialise in Lash Perfect lash extensions, tailored to your own requirements using individual lashes to create your prefect look.


Only available to professionals, Cuccio is one of the leading specialists in manicure & pedicure products.

No Double Dipping

Double Dipping break down –

Double Dipping with waxing treatments is when you use a spatula to scoop some wax out of the heater, apply it to the client’s skin, & then put it back into the heater to get more – without changing spatulas!

Did you know…

It’s common practice in salons to use ONE spatula per client, some may even use the same one on MULTIPLE clients!!

Hot Wax & Strip Wax –

Hot wax is actually cooler than a strip wax (usually used for leg waxing) therefore bacteria & germs won’t be killed off as effectively, consequently when a spatula is returned to a heater AFTER it has been in contact with a clients skin, anything that was transferred onto it will then end up back in the heater, and passed onto the next person… which is an unpleasant thought, even more so when you consider intimate waxing!

At Wax & Relax we will NEVER Double Dip hot wax for intimate areas!

Our Salon

Our Salon accommodates one client at a time, ensuring your treatment is uninterrupted, totally private and tailored to you

Wax & Relax – Harlow

07496 544449

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Visited yesterday first time, best wax ever, had a Hollywood, as near painless as you can get, so would highly recommend, also had toenails painted, again excellent. If the thought of waxing brings tears to your eyes, try this salon, you’ll be glad you did.


P Elms

Been getting my waxing done from Heather at Wax and relax for some months now. I have had eye brows, leg and hollywood wax with Heather and I would highly recommend her. She is very precise in what she does, makes you feel confident and relaxed and the results are always brilliant. Any one who is a wax virgin or embarrassed to show your private bits, Heather is your lady. Also they use Hot wax which so much nicer. Wax and Relax, it does what it says.


L Bunn

A comfortable Salon and I was so pleased with my treatments. Thank you. See you again  xx


G Brown

Highly recommend. Heather is Lovely, very professional & meticulous. Will return


J  Goff-Almey

What can I say, outstanding in everything they do. I would highly recommend going to Wax and Relax for all your beauty needs.


J Osbourn

Had a bikini wax, excellent service, very impressed, highly recommend 🙂 xxx


D Ireland

Had a last minute Waxing treatment done and what a lovely lady…very friendly and professional .. 5 stars all round x


M Teare

Excellent service and great treatments, have already booked in my next appointment.


H Jane

Had my first Hollywood wax!!! Charlie is welcoming and put me at ease. Very professional and done a Fantastic job soo pleased thanks hun would deffo recommend.


L MarieLee

Had a leg wax and bikini line. Brilliant job. Charlie puts you at ease. Would highly recommend.


C Fielding

Just had my eyebrows waxed by Heather – amazing service! Highly recommend. Already booked my next visit!


J King

Had a lovely massage, highly recommend. Looking forward to my next one. Thank you so much Heather.


J Webb

Had a wonderful treatment with Heather, highly recommend.


J Perryman

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